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Get more customers with local business marketing.

Something tells us you've worked damn
hard to build your smart, local business.

We believe it's time your business worked hard for you.

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Local Business Marketing Advice

How to Make More Money With Your Existing Clients

(and have them bring their friends to you)


customer attraction

It's a fact

It's more expensive and more work finding
new customers than keep existing clients.

That's a great bit of knowledge. I couldn't agree more.
But how the hell are you supposed to that?
How DO you keep existing clients coming back?
How DO you help them bring their friends?

The Answers Are:

  • Make it easy for them to talk about you to their friends.
  • Sell more to the people who already buy from you.
  • Let your customers know you love them - and they will love you back.

Sounds too simplistic right?

We can prove it works.
We've gone out into your community to find out how other
successful local businesses do it, and have done local marketing right.
Then we boiled it down for you, and even offer improvements.
It's tasty stuff.


Here's how some local companies you know in St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay, FL - do it.

Each example is followed by ways in which each company could further improve what they do and make more money.


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