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How To Make Your Clients Love Your Business

A local, St. Petersburg, FL, tire store, Bob Lee's Tire Company, does a fantastic
job of competing against larger, National competitors such as Tire Kingdom, AutoZone, and even Sears.

How does a small company compete against larger competitors?

They do it by building trust

Not by cramming road hazard warranties down your throat.
But by anticipating my future needs.

Bob Lee's provides the service I expect, an oil change, then, at checkout, they offer me a chance to complete a postcard with a coupon for 20% off an oil change. The postcard is mailed to me in about 3-4 months.


This assures them customer loyalty at a minimal marketing expense.
I'll be back again when the time is right.

It's easy, helpful, and nonobtrusive marketing for small business.

How could we improve this marketing process?

Surley there are other services this mechanic provides that I'll need in the future.
How can we educate clients about our services without "selling?"

An oil change is a great time for education.
Not upselling.

Here's a fictionalized example, based on real life events.
You can use this example as a way to improve your business marketing.

Notice how we use conversion to create loyal fans to sell our business services.

Get the rest of the story here

Do you need help with your business marketing?

Drop us a line, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and see how we can make
a positive change in your business profit.

Darren Farris

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