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Size Does Matter!

How To Stop Smalling Your Business

Hello, and welcome, this is Darren Farris, founder of Empowwwer Business Marketing.
Thank you for taking your time with us to improve the impression of your business.
You're currently in the lesson, "Stop Smalling Your Business - Size does matter", where we will take subtle but powerful actions to improve the impression of your business.
This is an excerpt from one of my business development workshops, BIG Your Business Brand.

When you take yourself seriously, others will too.

Before We Begin

Before we begin, I want to tell you that you’re doing great because you’ve taken time and made the investment to work on your business so it can work for you. Taking this workshop shows your serious about building a world-class, powerful business. You should feel confident with your success so far and know that if you can make it 10% of the way, you can make it 20%, 30%, 40% and on to 100%. Congrats on your accomplishments so far.

Now, let's begin today's lesson.

Why Downsize?

In this section, we'll examine how to avoid downsizing your business and how position your business powerfully, so that you'll never have to feel like an underdog again.

In all of my workshops I like to talk about a concept, then take action. Today we are going to experience the big difference a small shift can make on the way to building your business brand.
Today we start an internal change.

It's so small.

Let's examine "small" for a minute. One powerful little word, or the lack of it, can make a huge difference in the impression your business leaves behind. Most of us consider ourselves "small business owners". We attend small business conferences put on by HP and IBM. We visit the Small Business Assistance Center, and we describe ourselves as a small businesses, to others and to ourselves.

Sure, we know being a small business small has many competitive advantages over big business.

In small business we say that "we are nimble", "we have less overhead", and "more personalized service", but we still present ourselves as a "small" business.

And that's how you are perceived,
As a small – business.

What is that aphorism doing to your business?

As a small business, how could you possibly be considered as a competitor for a large contract with a large company? Your have already told yourself, time and time again, that you are "small", and that's also what you are telling your prospects.

The truth is that you have clients, you make income, you have expenses, and you produce something. And the truth is that you run a business.

Have you ever had a conversation like this one?
"I run a machine shop."
"Oh really?"
"Well, yes, it's just a small business, making precision, custom parts for robots that paint cars."

So there you are, a successful machine shop that consists of you, your son, maybe your wife and another employee. But the truth is that you also have a CPA, possibly three to five suppliers, and hopefully a good business lawyer. When you consider the number of people your business affects, by God, you are running a business. Not a small business.

Stop calling yourself "small."

Now, try this:

"I run a machine shop."
"Oh, really?"
"Yes, we develop precision, custom parts for robots that paint cars."

What's missing?
Didn't that feel better?

It all comes down to this:
You will never change your business image if you keep believing and labeling yourself as something less than your potential. This is true, internally, and externally.

Change your focus.

Try this right now, close your office door, or go out in the stairwell. It will only take a sec.

Hi, my name is ______ _______ and I run a small business.

Hi, my name is ______ _______ and I run a business.

When you take yourself seriously, others will too.

When you build confidence in your business, partners, vendors, and contracts will have more confidence in your business too.

Starting today - begin seeing yourself as a business.

Repeat your sententce, Hi, my name is ______ _______ and I run a business, in the morning when you are looking in the mirror and before you go to bed.
Do this for a week and I promise you, people will start to take you more seriously.

Thanks for reading this today.

Please share it with a friend or colleague, then get out there and make a difference in your business.
Darren Farris

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